EXperimental Absorption Coefficients planeTary conditions (EXACT) is a web site projected to allow all user to download experimental absorption coefficients of gases at typically planetary conditions. These parameters are of major importance for the radiative transfer models of data coming from space mission, such as VIRTIS (Visible and InfraRed Thermal Imaging Spectrometer) instrument on board the ESA mission Venus Express. Presently the spectroscopic database provides a suite of parameters of molecular species at typically terrestrial conditions and are routinely used for the retrieval of many parameters concerning the atmosphere of the Earth.

Using our experimental absorption coefficients, we improved the parameters of a new simulation tool which describe line- mixing processes for the CO2 at high pressure and high temperature ( http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/ j.jqsrt.2010.11.021). For a detailed description of the model, acquisition data and experimental set up, refer to " Optical properties of gases under planetary conditions: measurements and models" (http://www.fedoa.unina.it/8925/ ).